About Balanced Living

Learn to analyze which areas of your life need to be more in balance to create a life of ease which allows you to be in sync with your own natural rhythms and those who surround you.  Self study and aligning with your higher Self to understand how you thrive will catapult you to a life of ease. Start your journey to flourishing in mind, body and spirit.

The Balanced Living Personal Program

Have you ever wondered how to begin to sort through what may be holding you back from achieving your highest and best self ?  Simplifying this process is what I am passionate about.  By giving clients the tools to uncover stuck spots and taking one step at a time toward a balanced life it is possible to achieve a rhythm that creates a life of ease.

Ease begins by starting with the basic needs of health and wellness and giving your body the things that help nourish your body and mind through nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.  Implementing the tools that allow you to make choices that are innately true to your desires and goals becomes second nature once you understand the patterns of behavior that have created your current situation and how to impact those behaviors to change direction and produce new outcomes.  Shifting your paradigm by establishing new positive habits on step at a time.

Areas to Evaluate and Create / Cultivate as needed:

  • Self-Evaluation

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality

  • Physical Body

  • Food / Nutrition

  • Work / Career

  • Finances

  • Social Life

  • Home Environment

  • Creativity

  • Joy

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Balanced Living Workshop

Learn the first steps to understanding the areas of your life that need attention.  Self evaluation is the key to focusing on the small changes that impact major shifts in your outcomes, health, relationships and overall vision for becoming your highest self.

Join a virtual workshop to receive the tools to begin analyzing the areas of your life that require your attention.  Workshops are live and include tools for self-analysis, how to break down areas that need attention and implement shifts to produce desired outcomes.  Workshops provide areas defined by the specific focus to put your self-evaluation into action.  Sign up with family, friends or join an existing group.